Re-Envisioning Social Engagement

We have a serious issue with social engagement around the world.

Statistics from the UNV and US Department of labor show a 25% decrease in volunteering over the past decade, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this data is consistent in other countries. 

Of those that do volunteer, the people who are the most able bodied, have the most disposable time, and the least responsibilities are volunteering the least. 

Why are people not volunteering any more?

The old approach of relying on the “feel good” benefit of volunteering does not work anymore. We need to take a new look at how we view volunteering if we want to stop this downward trend. If we want to inspire our youth around the world to engage in their communities we need to fully change our view of volunteering. 

Other forms of giving such as donations provide monetary tax incentives, hence over two-thirds of Americans donate every year. But we don’t believe that only people who can afford to put their names on buildings or get tax cuts should get to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. 

That’s where Project Forward comes in.

Project Forward envisions an innovative way for not-for-profit organizations to indirectly incentivize volunteers. At our core, we facilitate the monetization of volunteer hours through a proprietary digital currency called Forward Credits, funded by corporate, foundation, and individual sponsorships. Right now, around $80B of value is created in the US alone every year by volunteers; if scaled globally this is a trillion dollar market that has never been fully engaged. We seek to foster a new social economy that promotes volunteering in new and innovative ways.

Using Blockchain technology as a tool for our digital Forward Credits ensures complete transparency of the financial flow of Sponsorships, Volunteer rewards, redemption and more.  Partners also gain invaluable volunteer data to help not-for-profits/municipalities and ensure that the currency is tied to social good. With this, merchants accepting it can provide additional incentives beyond the underlying value.

By facilitating incentives for volunteers, we can increase volunteerism rates, and thus magnify the ability of not-for-profit organizations to achieve their missions. This is a massive idea that could empower youth to have a higher sense of Responsibility, build skills that lead to employment and stop the cycle of poverty that so many are born into.

The UN ‘Plan for Action” focuses on volunteerism as a major player in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDG’s, and we believe that Project Forward could address several of them simultaneously.  We see specific value brought to Sustainable Cities & Communities (#11), Decent Jobs & Economic Growth (#8) and Reduced Inequalities (#10).


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